Extension Arms

Nederman Extension Arms

The Extension arm is designed to be used when extra reach is needed

The Extension Arm is designed to extend the reach of Nederman Capture and Extraction Units. It's manufactured from robust steel profiles and can be connected directly to a single fan or a ducted system.
The Extension Arm is suspended by a pivoting wall bracket close to the wall and a joint on the middle of the product, which makes it flexible in all directions. It's equipped with a universal bracket at the end, which fits all Nederman Extraction Arms, Exhaust Reels or Single Exhaust Extractors. The arm is equipped with a diameter 200mm (7,78") hose, for high airflows. Duct kits are ordered separately from the list of accessories.
It is possible to support other products from the extension arm, such as welding machines, hose and cable reels, etc. All arm parts are treated with Nederman blue colour, except for the metal ducts, which are galvanized.
  • Provides an extra reach of 4.2m or 6.0m
  • Flexible in all directions
  • Universal bracket fits additional equipment directly onto the Extension Arm
  • Available in two models
  • Six Fume Kits and several accessories available
Extension Arm Configurations
Extension Arm in Shop
Extension Arm Pressure Drop