Improved Workspaces are Within Arm's Reach

Redhook Supply is an authorized distributor of Nederman products, parts and filters. We're pleased to offer their comprehensive line of Capture and Extraction units. A workspace that's free from dust, hazardous particles, fumes and exhaust is good in so many ways. It improves working conditions, minimizes particles and vapours in the air, reduces stress for better health, improves productivity and reduces safety risks. It also means less damage and malfunctions to tools and equipment, to safeguard the quality of finished products.
All of Nederman's arms are highly flexible and simple to use. When used in conjunction with fans and filters you get workspaces that are clean, safe and efficient. Any industry, any workspace, if it needs exhausting, it needs Nederman.

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Light Applications

Telescopic Extraction Arms
Standard Extraction Arms

Medium Applications

Original Extraction Arms
Original CR Extraction Arms

Heavy Applications

NEX-HD Extraction Arms
NEX-MD ExtractionArms

Special Applications

Extraction Arms for applications in environments with hygienic, explosive or electrostatic charge considerations:
NEX-D  |  NEX-D/DX | NEX -S |  FX Bench-Top

Other Nederman Products and Solutions

Extension Arms  |  FilterBoxes and FilterCarts  |  Fans
In conjunction with our Extraction products, we offer a wide collection of compact and easy to use fans. Let us help you select the model to fit your needs the best.

Nederman N24 Fan

Hose Reels  |  Cable Reels  |  Balancers
We offer a full line of Exhaust Hose Reels, Cable Reels and Balancers. We'd be happy to offer our assistance in selecting the model best suited for your particular application.

Nederman Hose Reel

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction
Looking for a method to safely extract vehicle exhaust from your repair bay?  If so we can help. We offer a wide variety of high temperature resistant rubber and metal vehicle exhaust extraction nozzles to accommodate various types of vehicles and systems, including European standard EURO 6 engines. Let us help you outfit your shop for a clean, healthy environment.

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